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The VeriMoB project was a research project financed by the DGA (Direction Générale de l’Armement) which aimed at developing a tool that will help users to verify their BPMN models. PragmaDev Process tool is the outcome of this work that has been done with various use cases coming from different partners such as the DGA (French Army), Eurocontrol (European Air Traffic Control Agency), Airbus Defence and Space. ENSTA Bretagne and MEGA International were also technological partners in the project.

Founded in 1991, MEGA is a global software company and recognized market leader for over ten years. The HOPEX Platform connects business, IT, data and risks perspectives in a single place that integrates across an entire company’s ecosystem.

As part of the VeriMoB project the goal was to help MEGA Hopex users to verify their model with PragmaDev Process technology. For that matter an easy to use interface has been developed. This integration allows Mega Hopex users to launch a verification of their models with PragmaDev Process directly from Hopex: Free download here.
Any building block in Hopex can be verified with PragmaDev Process if it has at least one describing diagram, and its type is one of the following:

  • Business Process
  • Organisational Process
  • System Process
  • Value Stream
Every method described below will trigger the generation of a PragmaDev Process file. The file can be saved or opened directly with PragmaDev Process.
  1. In Hopex web front-end, to verify a single building block right-click the object and choose Export to PragmaDev Process in the menu:

  1. To verify multiple building blocks click the Main menu in Hopex web front-end, then Export / Export to PragmaDev Process:

    You can filter the type of building blocks to export and select the ones to be exported to PragmaDev Process.

  2. To verify all supported building blocks click the Main menu in Hopex web frontend, then Export / Export all to PragmaDev Process.
It is possible to navigate to the diagram of the building block in Hopex from PragmaDev Process via the button: