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Complex systems and systems of systems are described with process models. For example models can be based on NAF (NATO Architecture Framework) or DoDAF (Department of Defense Architecture Framework). The notation to describe the processes in these frameworks is BPMN.

There is a lack of verification on these models. Even though the processes are thoroughly discussed ahead, a lot of remaining ambiguities may lead to catastrophic issues on the field.

PragmaDev Process addresses this issue. It is a verification tool of business processes written in BPMN. It includes an editor, and executor, and an explorer.

It is the outcome of a 2 years research project with the French Army, Eurocontrol, and Airbus DS.

The editor is completely free and the executor offers free execution of small models.

One minute video presentation of PragmaDev Process concept.

Download PragmaDev Process here.

Communication systems are everywhere an their complexity is constantly increasing.

The constant evolution of communicating systems generates a substantial number of maintenance issues leading very often to dispose of the existing to start a new one from scratch.

Last but not least the people writing the requirements for the system and the ones designing the system often do not understand each other because of their respective different backgrounds. That constant misunderstanding generates more than half of the project issues.

PragmaDev Studio addresses these issues. It is a set of tools to graphically specify, design and test communicating systems.

It is the outcome of 20 years of development and collaboration with our customers, prospects, partners and research labs.

PragmaDev Studio is free for small projects.

One minute video presentation of PragmaDev Studio concept.

Download PragmaDev Studio here.